Nepal 2017 – Days 9-11 (Braga – [Thorung La Pass] – Ranipauwa)

From Braga up and over the Thorung La pass ending in Ranipauwa. Detailed log here


20170501_081234We woke up to…snow. But the smiles are still there!


20170501_01Not much of a view of the Himalayas…


20170501_05Mandy passing a chorten.


IMG_5436Our $4 yak wool gloves which saved us much pain!


20170501_09See if you can find the yak…he’s camouflaged himself with snow…


20170501_11Mandy disappearing into the storm


20170501_15Suspension bridge. Snowing hard at this point the camera can’t focus!


20170501_23Our lodgings…Mandy with a “I’m cold and wet” frown!


20170501_165825Believe it or not, this is the same day as all that snow, just late in the afternoon.


20170502_05Waking up to a clear morning and Annapurna III


20170502_09Mandy on the trail


20170502_11Mandy on another loooong suspension bridge


20170502_15Mandy getting a yak to pose with Po


20170502_091102Po with yak…


20170502_17More yak


20170502_18Looking back towards Annapurna III


20170502_23Mandy passing a yak who picked the trail as the best spot to rest 


20170502_24A popular resting spot with a view


20170502_26Still smiling!


20170502_30Very steep canyon we were hiking through


20170502_35How many wild sheep(?) can you find? (think there might be 8)


20170502_39Mandy on the trail


20170502_40Looking up the steep side


20170502_mov02_Moment(2)20170502_mov02_Momentthis was a dangerous section with rocks tumbling down the slopes frequently. Up ahead can just see the yellow top of the pack of a porter that is waiting for our group to signal to him that it’s OK to “run” across the area.


20170503_03Early morning on pass day!  Mandy contemplating the steep climb towards the High Camp


20170503_06Annapurna III in the early light


20170503_08Some king of Ptarmigan or something of the like


20170503_09The high camp (15,900 feet)


20170503_11Mandy catching a rest at the high camp


20170503_13Onward we go!


20170503_18A rest enjoying the view


20170503_19Long cut going down the mountain. Pretty neat has to be glacial in origin I’d think.


20170503_21Mandy tromping through the snow along the cut


20170503_23Where’s the top of the pass!?


20170503_25Nice views as we go up.


20170503_26More views


20170503_31And more


20170503_32Steep part


20170503_34Mandy and mountains


20170503_35These posts were placed supposedly after the 2014 snowstorm disaster that claimed the lives of many trekkers on this route


20170503_38tea house at the summit (there’s no lodging I don’t think – even though it’s called “hotel” restaurant…It’s not that big…)


20170503_40Don’t think that tiny building is a hotel…but it does have a nice view


20170503_41prayer flags and pass sign. 5416 meters or 17,777 feet altitude!


20170503_43We made it!


20170503_105436Po made it too!


20170503_104434Other side of the pass. Much different climate we would discover


20170503_49Tea house, pass from a rise above (I want to get to 18,000 feet  )


20170503_50This puppy is a 20,000 foot mountain next to the pass. There was a guy trying to climb it while we were here


20170503_53More views


20170503_55Mandy and the mountain take 2


20170503_57Coming down the 5,600 feet descent on the far side of the pass. Some tea houses below for a quick rest a welcome sight!


20170503_63Goats or sheep or something else(?)


20170503_64Not sure what these 2 horses are doing but they were blocking the trail. We gave them a wide berth!

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