Nepal 2017 – Days 7 and 8 (Upper Pisang – Braga – Ice Lake)

Upper Pisang to Braga, then acclimatization day climbing to Ice Lake and back to Braga. Description of days can be found in if interested –


20170429_03Same mountains, different light. Pretty neat.


20170429_07Closer View


20170429_10Later the light and clouds have changed the views


20170429_11A prayer wall along the way


20170429_072651Cool stones in the wall


20170429_12Messages, pictures written on stone tablets in the wall. Neat stuff.


20170429_13Inside the wall


20170429_16Looking back to Upper Pisang


20170429_17A little zoomed in to Upper Pisang – really dug into the side of the hill!


20170429_23Mandy and the mountains


20170429_3020170429_33An old ruin along the way


20170429_3720170429_45This is supposedly a boarding school, looks very monastery-like


20170429_4620170429_47We had to cross this bridge. It was not quite as unstable as it looks… but close.


20170429_52From the tea house


20170429_53This is the yak dung heap behind the tea house rental rooms – under Tanja and Matthias’ room window…yuck! (Yak dung is used as a fuel to heat common rooms, especially at higher altitudes where lumber is scarce)


20170429_54The temple on the hill at Braga


20170429_57View from the temple


20170429_58dude in the temple


20170429_59this buddhist temple has manuscripts supposedly over 500 years old.


20170429_66the temple was built on a steep hill, with many tiers, they had hollowed out logs with steps cut in to get up and down levels. Not easy to use!




20170429_75Tanja, Mandy, the temple, and beautiful mountains


20170429_78I call this one umbrella Buddha


20170430_04There was a lot of cold rain yesterday – when we woke up we found that the snow line had moved ominously downward… only a few thousand feet up on the mountains behind the hotel


20170430_05fresh snow on the lower slopes… not a lot, but a concern since we had another ~6,000 feet to climb to cross the Thorung La pass.


20170430_11Town of Braga on the way to Ice Lake


20170430_18Buddhist bad boy (don’t know what they are called) on the way to the Lake. Awesome view though


20170430_19Zoomed out.


20170430_20Mandy making her way up to Ice Lake. That’s the valley we’ve climbed up from below. Wicked!


20170430_22Mandy, Matthias, and Mountains (the 3 M’s)


20170430_27Wildlife on the way up. These guys are at home in the mountains! 


20170430_28Looking back to the valley floor


20170430_40The trekkers at the top!!


20170430_43Ice lake… not very Icy. But pretty chilly!


20170430_45The other way view


20170430_46happy hikers and the ice lake


20170430_51The trail back down with some clouds moving in.


20170430_52We could use a hang glider now


20170430_57Us trekkers rounding the ridge, clouded in high peaks in distance. Still great.

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