Nepal 2017 – Days 5 and 6 Annapurna Circuit

We’re starting to get up in the mountains finally! A stop in Chame and then on to Upper Pisang – With utterly incredible views. The days’ logs if interested:


20170427_02Our little tea house room and great morning view in Danagyu


20170427_03Close up of mountains we couldn’t see yesterday due to the weather.


20170427_04Mandy and the mouintain


20170427_06Getting better!



20170427_11Compare Mandy and that rock – this slab of rock fell across the trail…recently. Fresh stone where it used to be attached


20170427_12Where the chunk came from above the trail.


20170427_18That’s a loooong suspension bridge! Mandy almost across.


20170427_23Another Mandy and the mountain! Beautiful.


20170427_123537This villager weaving baskets. Zoom in and check out his hat… 


20170427_32Mandy in the middle of another bridge


20170427_43Happy Mandy enjoying the hot springs in Chame. The Nepalese in this area are conservative when it comes to women flesh so I made Mandy wear a shirt with her bikini (as if I can make Mandy do anything…Let’s say she consented to wear the shirt)


20170428_03Day 6 – waking up in Chame to clear skies.


20170428_05Our tea house was pretty modern, although the shower kept going from burning to cold.


20170428_06Snowy Himalaya peaking over the nearby mountains.


20170428_07Close up


20170428_09Entrance/exit to the village





20170428_23The Paungda Danda “Gateway to Heaven”. 5000 feet from the top to the river down below.


20170428_30Paungda Danda from another angle as we hike on to Upper Pisang.


20170428_32Pretty cool.


20170428_33We’re getting further along…


20170428_34Looking the other way towards Pisang



20170428_41Annapurna II (I think) very impressive!




20170428_45Upper Pisang




20170428_48View from tea house roof.



20170428_58Inside a gompa in Upper Pisang




20170428_mov05_MomentCan’t do videos currently but this is a snapshot from one.

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