Nepal 2017 – Annapurna Circuit and Sanctuary Trek Days 1-4

So finally getting around to our hike in Nepal Annapurna last year. Breaking it up into multiple posts because there’s a lot of pictures and some have expressed interest in a more detailed account of our adventures – this first one is a bit lengthy, but should shorten up as we get into the mountains – most days consist of just hiking, the pictures tell the tale. Anyway if you have an interest in the read it can be found here:



Map of the Annapurna Region in Nepal. We would be hiking most of the circuit except we would divert at the end into the Annapurna Sanctuary to the Annapurna Base Camp and then back out of the central region.


20170419_190853What Mandy is living with for the next 35 days!


20170423_080236 (2)Final flight leg to Nepal. Can see the Himalayas poking through the clouds in the distance.


20170423_155236Our first Nepal beers! (and our last for the next couple of weeks)


20170423_160422Any electricians our there? Your job is not that bad…


20170424_072948Leaving the polluted air of Kathmandu.


35629403_10213613822153297_7731512629738340352_o_10213613822113296Yay! The start of our trek!


20170424_05Mandy, and our first wildlife encounters


20170424_06Our first Yaks




20170424_10End of our first (shortened) trekking day. Can see snow in mountains off in the distance!


20170425_05Village, start of Nepal day 3 (day 2 trekking)


20170425_06Nice scenery. Can see a porter and guide up ahead – This guy helped us a couple of times from going the wrong way – thanks bud!


20170425_060806Wise words 






20170425_23Happy trekkers!





20170425_31End of day 2 trekking, from our tea house room


20170426_06Day 4 start – a day of water


20170426_09Starting to get almost jungle-like in the greenery




20170426_110604Po spinning the prayer wheels




20170426_114836Me at the far end of the suspension bridge.


20170426_114919Tom in the windy middle of the span



20170426_23Approaching the town of Tal.


20170426_26Very nice approach to town


20170426_2720170426_29From Tal


20170426_36End of day 4 (3rd trekking day). Some more snow on distant mountains.

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