Summer Vacation Part 1. Phoenix to Texas 06/29/018-07/05/2018

These posts are going to be a bit of a jumble until we get to the present because we have done A LOT of things this summer. So I am going to start at the beginning of the summer and go from there.


We left Phoenix near the end of June, bound for New York, with one very strategically packed Honda Fit. We didn’t take the RV because it is much more difficult to maneuver and much more expensive to drive. Our summer was basically four 2 week trips. Phoenix-New York, New York, Alaska, NY-Phoenix.

First stop was West Texas-New Mexico border for cheap beer and a beautiful sunset.

You may have been to Texas, but if you haven’t been to West Texas, you are really missing out.  We camped, hiked Guadalupe Peak (the highest peak in Texas) , and went to Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico.



The entrance to Carlsbad Caverns. It is a massive underground cave structure with many huge rooms.



The pictures really can not do the park justice as the rooms are cathedral-like.


Next we went to Big Bend National Park in Texas. Some people had told us about Big Bend last year so we decided to check it out. It more than exceeded our expectations. There is a great deal of variety in elevation and climate with lots of interesting hiking and animals. We didn’t even have time for a river trip.


Our campsite in a beautiful valley.


Barbary Sheep-a “rare” sighting according to a Big Bend website.


The Rio Grande and its surrounding canyon.




This was a surreal sight of clouds and mountains.20180701_180847

20180701_182210P1000749P1000813Two-tone lizard.

This was an absolutely beautiful hike all along the rim of the canyon. Expansive views.


20180702_174233Javelina (Peccary)! We have seen these in zoos, but never in the wild!


Still in Texas, we followed a storm front for a few hours. The lightening was quite a show, but very difficult to capture.


Next, the Alamo and The River Walk in San Antonio.


We spent my favorite holiday, The 4th of July, in Texas on one of the many man-made lakes.  I have spent other Independence Days in Texas and there is never a shortage of great hospitality, patriotism, alcohol, and fireworks! Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of my cousins or their generous and hospitable friends but we had a wonderful and welcoming time (and another beautiful sunset).


Maybe Tom’s favorite fast food joint.


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